Cloudy Rio

DSCN8302Winter in Rio is my favourite season to practice outdoor exercises. The sunny days and the cold winter breeze makes Rio the perfect location to practice sports. Even when the cold front arrives, and the sky gets cloudy and the weather decreases a little bit, many cariocas go to the beaches to practice sports and exercise.

I took this photo some days before the World Cup began. A beach volley ball team was preparing themselves to start their trainning. Those balls on the sand just caught my attention and I had to take a photo!

It was a cloudy day and me and my son went to the beach to play beach soccer. For my son, playing soccer on the sand is just fun, but for me is such a workout, as he is always kicking the ball so strong that I have to run a lot to catch it ! For someone like me that is always fighting the extra kilos it is a great exercise, mixed with great fun time with my boy. Much better than going to the gym club! Unfortunately we haven’t gone to the beach for this fun exercise too much lately! I’m trying to recover from a terrible flu for two weeks now. I hope by this next weekend  I will be feeling better and we will be able to go back to our exercise sessions!

Rio Beach Vendors

Little by little I am starting to play in the street photography field.  Street photography is something that always attracted me but I had always been a little afraid of shooting people in the streets. But after reading some tips in some photography blogs , I decided to adventure myself a a little bit using my cellphone camera as a first step to exercise getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve been sharing some of those photos on my Instagram @mylittlerio

But last saturday, in Barra da Tijuca Beach I had my camera with me. And while my son played with my husband I decided to have my first official street photography shooting. As it was Carnival saturday, there were a lot of beach vendors selling all kind of stuff. Ice-cream, cookies, bikinis, “cangas” and everything you can imagine, and it just crossed my mind that they would be a great subject for my photos.

So, from under my sunshade I took the photos bellow. Although they are not as good as I wished, I felt happy for being able to do it!

IMG_6871 IMG_6902 IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6906 IMG_6907 IMG_6894 IMG_6897 IMG_6900

Beach party

Last saturday we could feel a little of  Rio’s summer atmosphere when a close friend celebrated her birthday in Ipanema Beach, Posto 10.

There are a lot of events going on the beaches of Rio’s south zone in the weekends. And last saturday, one of the attractions of the Project Summer Rio (Verão Rio), organized by “O Globo” newspaper with the partnership of Rio’s City Hall, was the party “Noite do Vinil” (Vinyl’s night). From a stage on the sand of  Ipanema Beach, just beside Posto 10, DJ Pedro Bastos  entertained  people who were enjoying a beautiful  and hot afternoon playing rock, pop, soul and brazilian music only playing vinyl records.

The beach was just perfect that day. At that time , around 5.30 pm,  many people were still in the beach enjoying that hot afternoon. To cool down we took a dip in the sea and had some beers.

It was a very carioca birthday party! My friend was happy! A beautiful location, good friends, good music and a stunning sunset was definitely a great way to celebrate her birthday!

We had a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy the photos!!

Another weekend in Rio

2013-03-31 11.06.39

Sometimes I got a little tired of the repetitive routine of spending summertime in Rio.  It is all about going to the beach, going to the beach and going to the beach…

It is seems that when talking about summer in Rio, everything happens by the beach. Rio beaches are livelier in the summer. Tourists and cariocas of all ages enjoying the endless entertainment options that Rio beaches have to offer: water sports, music events, stunning sunsets and much more. But all of this means crowded beaches, and it can sounds strange, but this is why we avoid going to the beach in summer. As a couple with a 5 year-old boy we avoid crowded places the most we can.

But this saturday we’re going to do something different.  A very special friend is celebrating her birthday in a beach party this afternoon and me and my husband will be meeting  up friends while my mom watch our son. I know the beach will be crowded but I’m sure we’re gonna have lots of fun.

Although it would be great to bring my DSLR with me to document this party, I will let it at home. I don’t want to be worried about my camera and I decided to take with me only a small point-and-shoot camera to capture the best moments.

Well, that’s my plans for today, and you, what are your plans for the weekend? I would love to know!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

My special spot in Rio

After a rainy Tuesday, today the sun decided to show up again.  I took the opportunity to do a running training in one of my favourite spots in Rio, Pista Claudio Coutinho.

Praia Vermelha
Praia Vermelha – on the left side of the beach you can reach Pista Cláudio Coutinho

Pista Cláudio Coutinho is a walking trail beneath Morro da Urca, the first hill of Sugar Loaf, and it is a perfect place for a run.  It is one of  the places in Rio where you can forget you are in one of the corners of  a big city like Rio de Janeiro.

While running you will breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful view of Guanabara Bay, see lots of  colourful birds and butterflies and listen to the sound of the sea .

In the weekends, a lot of people visit the trail to walk, take pictures and  practice  sports like hiking and rock-climbing.

Another highlight of Pista Claudio Coutinho is that, as it is located in a military area, it’s quite a safe place.

If there is a place in Rio where I feel peace in my heart, that’s the place!

Today I didn’t take my camera with me, but I’m planning another visit soon to take some photos to share with you!

For those who are planning to visit Rio, check those Trip Advisor reviews for more details.

It is definitely a must-go spot!