World Cup memories by Guest Blogger Quiqui

As the count down to the World Cup is ticking away, we, brazilians, start to get prepared to enjoy the World Cup in our own country. Unfortunately, my sister Quiqui who lives in New York since 2004, and blogger for Notas in Fashion and While Eating Macarons, will not enjoy the World Cup atmosphere we are starting to feel here in Brazil.

So I invited her to share with us her memories of the 2002 World Cup, when she watched the game in Little Brazil, Manhatan and how she feels now about living in a country where football is not as popular as it is in Brazil.


World Cup Memories!


It was June 30th, 2002. I was in New York . I had just arrived the day before to visit my husband, back then my boyfriend. We went to watch the World Cup last game, Brazil against Germany, in a restaurant in Little Brazil in Manhattan. I remembered the experience being really exciting . Not only for the fact that it was the final game and I was watching it in New York, but also because Brazil won the game. Brazil became World Cup championship for the 5th time. When the game was over, everybody headed to the street. 46th Street was a big Brazilian party. Everybody wearing yellow, green and blue. A group of people held a big Brazilian flag and everybody wanted to touch it. “Samba” music could be heard everywhere. It was great!!!

Now, back to 2014, I am excited that Brasil is holding the FIFA World Cup again. I wish I could be there to see it happening. But I can’t. Here, in New York, apart from watching it on the Brazilian news, we don’t see much going on. Soccer is not popular here as it is in Brazil. Here, it is not a fever at all. It is that simple! Of course, if you are in Manhattan, you can go watch Brazil’s games in Little Italy, 46th Street. Ipanema, Via Brazil and Emporium Brasil restaurants will be showing the games.

And I have to admit I miss that craziness for soccer! I miss seeing the Brazilian colors (green, yellow and blue) everywhere. I miss the exciting of the games. I miss the talk about the Brazilian soccer players everywhere. Everybody becomes an expert on soccer, even the girls! Well, I miss going out with friends or just get together with my family to watch the games. I miss watching the games while eating pop-corn and drinking “guarana” (a very popular Brazilian soda). Well, basically, I miss everything about being in Brazil for the World Cup.

So, my plans for this World Cup is to watch the games at home with my husband and kids. I bought my son and myself a World Cup 2014 Brasil t-shirt and we will be wearing it every Brazil’s game.


Go Go Go Brasil!!! Let’s do it again in our own homeland!!!


Quiqui is a Brazilian living in New York with her husband and two kids. She is a lover of photography, fashion, flowers, stripes, a lot of them, polka-dots, and more recently sequins. Notas in Fashion is the blog where she writes about things that she loves!  She is also the voice behind While Eating Macarons , where she shares a little bit of her life through her photos.

Bubble fun

Imagem 060

Pier 39, San Francisco, October 2012

I was searching for a specific photo in my photo folders and this one brought me good memories of our California vacation  in 2012.

That day we had just arrived in San Francisco and after a 6 hours flight from New York, all my boy needed was burning energy!! This bubble machine in front of a kite store in Pier 39  did a great job!! He ran around trying to catch the bubbles and had a great time!! The perfect exercising fun to calm down my little boy and make him bear all the touristic stuff that was coming ahead!

Moments like that make me think about our next family trip!!

Enjoy your sunday!!