Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

2012-11-27 19.51.23After a long while, I’m  joining again Weekly Photo Challege by Daily Post. . This is my entry for this week’s theme,  Weekly Photo Challenge-Nighttime .

I took this photo with my cellphone last year for my apartment, when I used to live in Botafogo. Although the quality of the picture is not good, I love this picture, maybe because I miss so much this view.



Daily Prompt: Nighttime

Full moon in October 11,2010

Full moon in October 11,2010

It is the first time I post for the Daily Prompt. But today when I saw the challenge of the day I decided to participate.

Inspired by the full moon we have today, I picked this photo of this shiny full moon to show nighttime.

I took this photo in october, 2010. I used my Nikon P100 in the manual mode.

Although in that time I didn’t know very well the technique of controlling the exposure in the manual mode I wanted so hard to take pictures of the moon that I googled how I should do it. I think the result wasn’t that bad, right?

When the full moon is there I just can’t control myself, I take my camera and start taking photos, trying to get the best shot with the equipment I have.