Last days in photos

It is been a while since my last post. It seems I’m not managing to post so frequently as I’ ve planned before.

Here in Brazil, we are in our Winter holidays (yes, July we have Winter holidays), although it is not looking at all like winter.

The weather has been really hot, around 30 Celsius, and the city is crowded with tourists and citizens enjoying their vacations.

I’ ve been busy keeping my son busy during his vacation. Going to the beach,taking him to practice sports and to play with friends and things like that are making my days go fast and it doesn’t leave too much time left for blogging!

Anyway, we’re enjoying our time together and this is great!!

March on Instagram

Looking at my March instagram photos I realize that the weather is becoming quite grey around here. This means much more pleasant temperatures and a little bit of rain, but nothing that can bother too much. If you are planning a visit to Rio, keep in mind that this is one of the best seasons to come. Even if the day begins grey, it doesn’t mean it going to end grey. Fall in Rio has it charms and you can still enjoy the beaches and all the natural attractions. By the way, beaches are going to be less crowded and you also tend to get better hotel rates as we are in low season. Due to the economic crisis  Brazil lives, the devaluation of Real (brazilian currency) might be another reason to consider a visit to Rio, as things in general tend to be cheaper, specially if you’re native currency is US Dollars.