Rainy January

Except from the first days of the year, when the sun showed its face, this January has been quite grey and rainy. Continue reading


Summer storms


Rain reaching Barra da Tijuca beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After 16 days of scorching sun and unbearable heat, last thursday finally rained. ┬áNot only rain, but a terrible summer storm. Lightnings filled Rio’s sky in the beginning of the night. One of them hit the hand of one of our most famous touristic attractions, Christ The Redeemer.

A lucky photographer captured the right moment of that accident that damaged the Christ’s hand, as you can see here.

After this storm the temperature decreased a little bit and the weekend started with a more pleasant weather.

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Rain drops in the window

I’m kind of obsessed by rain drops lately.

Last night while I was having a cup of coffee in the kitchen I looked through the window and saw this picture. I couldn’t resist, took my camera and here is the result.

I hope you like as much as I did!