Rio Half Marathon, Meia Maratona do Rio

IMG_1197 IMG_1195 IMG_1202In Rio, it seems that everyone has an inclination for sports. Yesterday, besides the “Rei e Rainha do Mar” swimming race, another huge sports event took place in Rio de Janeiro’s south zone, the Rio Half Marathon, “Meia Maratona do Rio”.

Amateurs and professional athletes, of all ages, joined the 21 k race, in this sunny and beautiful sunday.

Watching all those people running yesterday inspired me to go back to my running training routine.  After not exercising at all for almost two months, for different reasons, and after gaining 3 extra kilos, I will have a lot of work to make up for the lost time.

Have a nice week everyone!


Sephora Beauty Run in Rio de Janeiro

It was a sunny sunday! Although it was still spring time, it felt more like summer in Rio.

At 8 am the temperature was already high! But although the unusual heat for a day in september, 2000 women, including myself, put their running shoes on to participate the 6 km street run organized by Sephora Brasil, the Sephora Beauty Run.

The race started in Leblon Beach, in Posto 12. We we had to run 6 km along the beach toward the finish line in front of Copacabana Palace Hotel, in Copacabana Beach.

It was my first 6 km street run and it was really an important win to me. I started running in order to lose weight a year ago, and the “running virus” caught me. I used to hate running when I was younger, but now it is like the “running virus” caught me. All those endorphins released after a running train makes me feel so good! So I started running 5 km, now 6 km and the next target is 8 km.

So, I’m glad to say that I accomplished one of the items of my birthday bucket list.

It was a great experience!

Weekend highlights

We had a quite busy weekend around here!

Friday girls night in Paxeco Bar, a nice pub in Jardim Botanico, to meet friends I didn’t see for a long time.

Paxeco Bar - coloured umbrellas decoration
Paxeco Bar – coloured umbrellas decoration
Paxeco Bar - japanese lanterns over the bar counter

Paxeco Bar – japanese lanterns over the bar counter

Attending the Venus 10 k running event on saturday morning (Click here to know more about Venus 10K). This event is usually the day before of the race in the backyard of MAM (Museum of Modern Art) and women enrolled for the race can get their running kit (running t-shirt + running chip) and get manicure, make-up and massage services and dance classes.

"Welcome to Venus 10k" in MAM (Modern Art Museum)

“Welcome to Venus 10k” in MAM (Modern Art Museum)


Getting the running kit!


Many girls waiting for the manicure service!


Other girls waiting to receive a massage.

2013-07-13 09.52.06

Venus 10k board “Free your run”

Waking up early on a sunny sunday to run the 5 k circuit .

MAM gardens

MAM gardens

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Fun after the race! Dancing class!

To cool down a little, we spent the rest of the day in the beach.

Praia do Leme

Praia do Leme

2013-07-14 11.33.06

And you, how was your weekend?

Have a nice week!

My special spot in Rio

After a rainy Tuesday, today the sun decided to show up again.  I took the opportunity to do a running training in one of my favourite spots in Rio, Pista Claudio Coutinho.

Praia Vermelha
Praia Vermelha – on the left side of the beach you can reach Pista Cláudio Coutinho

Pista Cláudio Coutinho is a walking trail beneath Morro da Urca, the first hill of Sugar Loaf, and it is a perfect place for a run.  It is one of  the places in Rio where you can forget you are in one of the corners of  a big city like Rio de Janeiro.

While running you will breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful view of Guanabara Bay, see lots of  colourful birds and butterflies and listen to the sound of the sea .

In the weekends, a lot of people visit the trail to walk, take pictures and  practice  sports like hiking and rock-climbing.

Another highlight of Pista Claudio Coutinho is that, as it is located in a military area, it’s quite a safe place.

If there is a place in Rio where I feel peace in my heart, that’s the place!

Today I didn’t take my camera with me, but I’m planning another visit soon to take some photos to share with you!

For those who are planning to visit Rio, check those Trip Advisor reviews for more details.

It is definitely a must-go spot!