Busy december

This december has been busier than ever for me! Besides the usual craziness about Christmas season I’ve been in a hurry to accomplish all the tasks of the family project I’ve been taking care since last august.

But fortunately, if everything go as planned, this weekend it will all be finished and I will be ready to get into the Christmas mood.

In the last two weeks, in the gaps between the project appointments, I finished shopping the Christmas gifts for the family, baked cookies as a gift for my son’s school teacher, attended the end of the year celebrations in my son’s school and got together with some of my best friends. But there is still a lot to do till next saturday.

I wish I had enough time to go out with my camera to photograph all the Christmas decoration around the city, or maybe visit the floating Christmas tree in Lagoa, and also to dedicate more time to my own blog  and to visiting my favourite blogs.

The clock is ticking fast, and  although it is not being possible to go out with my camera to photograph, I am satisfying my compulsive photographer instincts shooting with my cell phone camera.

Last friday, after an appointment in downtown, on my way to the subway station  I snapped those photos while walking by Primeiro de Março Street and in a quick visit to Paço Imperial Cultural Center. They are just a little piece of old Rio de Janeiro.



  1. I know the feeling of being super busy. I haven’t managed to do anything for the holiday season yet. This afternoon I may FINALLY get around to making my own panettone, but at this point I feel like it will be the only Christmassy thing that I do:(
    Beautiful pictures as always. I particularly liked your picture of the stairs and the buggy. Both would make beautiful prints on the wall!
    Feliz Natal!

    1. Thanks! Feliz Natal for you and your family too!! Yes we are all very busy!! Wow you ‘re going to make your own panetone!!I’m proud of you!!! I hope you share with us your experience!! And “rabanadas” are you planning to make? They are my favourite Christmas dessert!!!!

      1. Of course I will share my Panettone recipe (it is baking in the oven as I write this…fingers crossed). Thank you for the suggestion to make rabanadas. Not sure if I will have the time to make them before christmas, but hopefully afterwards!!!

  2. I know exactly how you are feeling! It is always so much to do and so little time. I love the pictures. I hope you find a little time to take some Christmas pictures. I am so curious to see the Lagoa Christmas tree. xoxo

    1. No,unfortunately not!!! You can find some of this old buildings with beautiful facade hidden among modern architecture,most of the time not so beautiful…it is a pity we have few old places with the original architecture preserved!!!!

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